Friday, April 18, 2008

The Tunnel under the M13

If you regularly travel this route, you'll instantly recognise this intersection, because you'd have had many opportunities to sit and enjoy the view while waiting for the robots (traffic lights) to change to green.

You'd also have had many opportunities to say nasty words about the taxi's which insist on taking the corner from the left hand lane while the rest of us wait our turn in the right hand lane.

This is the corner of Eden road turning onto Stapleton Road, which goes through the tunnel under the M13 - the old main road between Durban and Johannesburg. For those familiar with Google Earth, my position was 29°49'41.92"S, 30°52'38.85"E.

Yesterday's picture was taken in Eden Road, about 80m to the right of this picture at 29°49'42.97"S, 30°52'41.50"E.


Anonymous said...

This has been an interesting look at the traffic and the tunnel. I guess taxi drivers are the same all over the world.

Alex said...

Difficult to believe that this place is near the Umbilo river from your last post !!