Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Clean Sweep.

Every street corner offers the opportunity for business.... all you need is an interesting display.

The foreigners who live in our country will do almost anything in their attempt to earn a living. It is so sad they are being attacked and chased out of their temporary homes, at a time when they are still unable to go back to their own countries.

If I were in the driving seat here, I'd focus on helping/encouraging the neighbouring countries to sort themselves out, so their people can feel safe enough to return and build their own country.

Perhaps if we could provide voter education to these people, then give them safe passage back to their own countries when its time for them to have their say, they could make the difference, and effect the change they so badly need. They could then work to fix the problems in their own government, and get their country working again.

I see it as similar to when a neighbour family is in serious trouble. If the family can be rehabilitated, and the children eductated on how to deal with the situation, then you put them all back together and give them commuity support. Spliting them up permenantly should be the last choice and only necessary when it is dangerous for them to remain together.

In my view we focus on the symptoms of the problem, and no-one appears to look for the root cause. Then again, maybe I'm just looking for a simple solution to a very complex problem which has caused all the xenophobic attacks, and displacement of communities.


Rambling Round said...

Certainly a creative display!

sam said...

Yeah, CRAZY COW FOR PRESIDENT!!! Finally, some consructive ideas on dealing with this tragic situation!

Kelly said...

Very interesting reading, and an even more interesting photo!

Neil McCartney said...

Yep, there certainly is a huge problem, but I understand both sides, poor people get frustrated and its easy to blame the so called "outsiders" for their situatuion, but being in the midst of it all I believe that the government simply does not care about the poor of this country, they are the people that caused this problem, and even though it has calmed down and people are going back, trust me, I know its not over...