Saturday, June 7, 2008

West Street.

Parallel to Smith Street, West Street runs through the center of Durban's CBD, all the way down to the beach. Fortunately I don't often need to travel this road, because the traffic would drive me crazy.

Loading zones are ignored, and the mini bus taxis seem to have no use for bus stops. They load or offload their passengers anywhere the passenger chooses. Turns into side roads are taken from any one of the four lanes, with no concern for those behind them! Gone are the days of turning lanes. To summarise - anything goes!!!

So, instead of getting mad, the solution is to use the slow pace and take a few pics of life in the center of Durban. These I'll show over the next few days. Hope you enjoy them.

PS. Please leave a comment if you're having any trouble with the size of the picture, or with the load time of the blog. I'm using larger picture files, but will be happy to go back to the smaller ones if this poses a problem.

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Anonymous said...

Take a look at my brookville blog. I use 720 pixels wide pictures or 10 inches. Most people have faster internet service than I do and nobody complains. I don't think they will complain unless you have enormous files.

This one snapped in place in milliseconds.