Saturday, August 16, 2008

South Africans are so clever.

It always puzzles me now people manage to get a bike onto a trailer.  Most of the methods which I imagine seem to be far too difficult.  This one however made complete sense.

Create a trailer, where the base can be lowered onto the ground, so you can very easily drive the bike on.  Then with a simple winch system on the front, you pull the base up, and straighten the trailer into place.

Add on the side boxes for storage and you're good to go.

Yet another clever invention by South Africans.


Kris said...

What else has been invented by South Africans? I know of Christiaan Barnard’s work, and am wondering what else I might have missed!

DMS said...

one very important SA invention is the telurometer - used for measuring distances using radio waves - before laser distance measuring - the technology was based on the time it took for signals to return - the same technique now used by lasers and to some extent GPS location...