Friday, January 2, 2009

Feeding Africa?

Wow! time sure goes fast!  I thought it was only a few weeks ago but, it's actually only a few weeks short of a year ago that Cape Town Daily Photo featured their "Plants for Africa" picture!
There Paul explained the expression "for Africa", and here we have another example.  When people want to say they have plenty of something, they will often say they have enough for the whole of Africa.  A little like saying there were a gazillion people at the function, and what you're saying is that the place was full to overflowing, and you didn't really count them.
Biltong of course is dried beef - or beef jerky as it is known in many parts of the world.  So if they have Biltong for Africa, this could become a really popular place, especially when the rugby season starts again.

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BrainChild Durban said...

Only one problem. The biltong is only for Milady's and not for Migents.