Thursday, January 1, 2009

Woody the Owl.

Today I'd like you to meet Woody.  He was visiting the Kloof Spar yesterday, along with a few of the other's from The Menagerie.   He is part of Fiona and Naomi Radford's animal team which entertain children and adults alike at birthday parties and other functions.  He is so soft and friendly.  How do I know?  Well he is quite happy for you to stroke him, and sits quietly watching as people go about thier business.
Happy New Year to one and All.
May this new year be far better than the last.  I'm certainly holding on to this hope.


Kris said...

Happy New Year! Or maybe Merry New Year, to differentiate myself from the crowd...

This guy is very cute. I like the idea of giving him a pat.

Kate said...

Woody looks like a charmer. I'm with you re. the New Year but it hasn't started out too well already..I'm beginning to doubt that governments are interested in peach.

Anonymous said...

I like owls and Woody is a neat looking owl. And what he does is educate people and that is always good.

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