Thursday, August 6, 2009

Going inside.

Looking across the field at the "window".  Ok, so its not a green field yet, that's 'cos it's still under construction.  If you look carefully on the right side of the field, at the back you can see a truck, which should give some perspective of the size. 
This stadium seats 55 000 people.  The bottom section of seats are below ground level, while the top section are above ground level. 
Ok, that's the last one of the stadium for now.  Hope you enjoyed the tour with me.


Namaste South Africa said...

Yeah, the truck does provide a nice estimate of how HUGE the stadium is. Interesting to note that the the front row seats are below the stadium level. Why is that so?

But I liked the picture.:)

CrazyCow said...

The front seats are below ground level, as is the field.

The reason is that the spectators come into the stadium at ground level, and then either go up or down to their seats.

In an emergency, the top seats and the very bottom seats have the same distance to go to exit the stadium, so it can be cleared in half the time it would take to clear a traditional stadium.