Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The whole picture

If ever you get the opportunity, take the tour of this stadium.  It's quite fascinating to hear all the little details of the constuction, and the thought behind it.  
For Example... 
Entry to the stadium is on this level, however it is at the mid-level of the seats.  The reason: quick evacuation.  How so?  Those in the top rows have the same distance to go, as those in the field level rows, in order to get out.  This means it would take only 8 minutes for either to get out of the stadium in an emergency.
Inside they have double spiral stair cases - one is the up stair case, and the other is the down.  Such a little thing can make and enormous difference to one's experience of the day.
Sustainablity.  Below this level is the retail section.  This is dedicated to shops and restuarants. The means Durban won't be left with a white elephant after 2010. 


J Bar said...

Great building.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Gauteng said...

Can't wait to take a walk up the arch and use a cable car going down.

B SQUARED said...

Let's hope they are right. History is not on their side.

Dodorock said...

This is proof modern, pratical and popular can be beautiful. Well done