Sunday, April 20, 2008

Garbage day.

Tuesdays are garbage collection day, and if your garbage is not there when the truck comes around, it will sit there for a week. Actually thats not quite true, it will be spread all over by the local dogs during the night, for everyone to see.

It was only today, while looking through some of my photos that I saw the funny side of this picture. It is of course a unit in the complex which is for sale, and not the contents of the black bags.

Fortunately the owners retrieved their discarded goods when they saw the mess it had made. Perhaps they will be more careful next time.


lv2scpbk said...

Same here if the garbage is not ready, you can forget about it. I don't like it when our neighbors leave their garbage out a few days early. It seems to find it's way into our yard.

Kelly said...

We have raccoons which do the same if you don't keep something heavy on the lid of the trash bin. I love the pairing of the sign and the trash. Very funny! Thank you for visiting my Geneva blog! I will be back to see you again, I like your shots.

Kris McCracken said...

I'm surprised that the dogs don't "go missing" (Sopranos style)!

No goos if you have to do the picking up.

Craig Wilson said...

We get the same here in Cape Town - the bin men didnt turn up till 9:30pm on Monday when normally they take away the trash by 8:30am.

I am new to the CityDailyPhoto portal with my Cape Town blog. I'll be stopping by here daily :)